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Star no Star

Forever black-eyed

Star Nix Ruet
21 October
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We end up dead in the end//
Star no star

I'm Star.

I'm eighteen.

I attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and am in 'Eighth Year' which appears to be some sort of saving-face device for the ministry of Magick and/or Dumbledore, because it's too embarrassing to admit that all of us failed our NEWTS.

I'm a Slytherin. Can you tell?

I have two siblings: a brother (rockmeruet who is currently in rehab for drug addiction and 'being a fag'...whatever) and a little sister (angeloo also at Hogwarts, currently in second year).

My mother is Fenna Parkinson-Ruet, nee Mael. She's a slut, and I hate her :) My father is deceased - murdered for trying to overthrow the Dark Lord, apparently. My new 'father' is Mr. Parkinson, my best friend silverpansy's father. He is also my brother Pax's father...but let us not delve into how incredibly in-bred my family is.

I've grown up 'privaledged'. If by privaledged, you mean forced into a social-corset, and bound by your name, your 'breeding' and your blood. After having attempted suicide (twice), run away with a rock band (once), and fucked Draco Malfoy (on countless occasions), however, perhaps they don't expect too much of me anymore.

Have I grown up? Perhaps.
Have I changed? Definately.

Welcome to my world. Have a nice day.


I cannot distance myself
You were the one who believed
that only half of a girl
half more than you could deceive

I watch your face on TV
All that I am turns to fear
When you're the boy that I want
I will be waiting right here

I don't know what to believe
Sew up the sore make it fake
When you're the boy that I want
I'll be the girl that you hate

You end up dead in the end
Star no star
You end up right here my friend
Star no star
We end up dead in the end
Star no star
We end up right here my friend
Star no star


This is a ROLEPLAYING journal

Part of: Dramatis Personae